Chicago by Night

Critic's Choice


Sometime I don’t know if I am to laugh or cry at the pathetic freaks out there. Anyway. I am getting ahead of myself in the tellin’.

We got a new fixer. Some greasy character called Sid that manages fights at the Vault and is trying to style himself as some kind of hot shot. He got our commcode from Quantum Princess , says she vouched for us. Bloody nice of her.

On the way to the Vault we run into a bunch of Fleshmongers buysing themselves with the grissly buisness of kidnapping living humans for ghoul town. We pull over and make short work of them, although they are backed both by a pair of ghouls and a mage. Angel gets knocked over by a stunbolt, but they go down harder.

We meet up with Sid and his elven fighting champion Matt (that Angel instantly developed a teenage crush on. Troll teenage crush. Ugh). He got a job he says. Then he dust off and gets himself preoccupied. So, we have to wander over to the nearby clinic and meet our Johnson ourselves. One bloody professional fixar that is. At least Matt shows us the way. He also tips us off that Becky 99, who runs the all-female street gang Desolation Angels might have additional work for us. Sweet. Two birds in one stroke.

On the way to the clinic Angel gets herself into a pit fight against a brutish orc named The Hector (what kind of moronic name is that anyway?). She gets a solid pounding. So now we REALLY need to get to the clinic, Johnson or not.

We meet up the the Johnson at the clinic. A doctor Tate. He wants us to retrieve the certificate of ownership for a run-down building further into the zone. He is looking to expand his operation he says. And the certificate is cheaper than buying the land. No shit genius. He pays well tho. And he patched up Angel as well. Not bad. I guess it is not a terrible thing to be on the good side of the local street clinic either.

On the way out we seek out Becky 99 and get the rest of the story. The target is an old studio where they shot the very first episode of Niel the Orc Barbarian. She offers good cash for any bootlegs of the eraly tapes we can find there. Apparently such things are worth hard cash if you know the right buyers. Jeez. Some people really have to much money for their own good.

We follow the trail deeper into the CZ. After narrowly avoiding a clinch with the Skull-cleavers we find the target; an abandoned trid-recording studio now in ruins. Inside we run afoul of some proper wierdos. A bunch of retards have formed some sort of freakish Niel-cult in the old recording studio. They are armed with like halberds and bows! Anyway, their leader turns out to be bloody dangerous with his magical claymore. And they got a midget shaman as well that causes some chaos. But they go down, we grab the loot and get the freak out. Epic fraggin’ retards.


karl_vestin karl_vestin

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